Australia’s first hyperscale national fibre network - our new digital highway

The HyperOne network

Our Vision
  • HyperOne will be the largest private, independent digital infrastructure project in Australia’s history
  • HyperOne will be capable of carrying over 10,000 terabits per second – more traffic than every other national backbone built in Australia’s history combined
  • The most complete national fibre backbone ever constructed and the first built in almost two decades
  • Critical infrastructure of national and international importance with significant protected capacity
  • Opening up the north of Australia and providing valuable on-and-off-ramps to underserved regions across the country 
  • A significant job creator at a critical time for our nation – partnering with local industry in each state of Australia 

Why we are building HyperOne

Australia’s existing backbone is almost two decades old and lacks capacity to support significant growth. HyperOne is the network to provide for our future.


Kilometers of fibre


Jobs created



Job creation, supporting the economy at a critical time

This 20,000km+ network will generate more than 10,000+ jobs during construction and enable tens of thousands more jobs in future industries. HyperOne unlocks significant opportunities for investment in regional and remote communities that have historically lacked access to world class digital infrastructure.

Helping launch new industries

HyperOne delivers a new hyperscale national fibre backbone that will significantly boost digital capacity across Australia to support investment in future industries including aerospace, AI/machine learning, cloud, satellite, defense, resources, agriculture and renewable energy.

Carbon neutral

HyperOne is committed to delivering a carbon-neutral hyperscale network. To achieve this we will utilise a variety of clean energy technologies (i.e. solar and wind) and carbon offset initiatives. We will also prioritise local suppliers, local materials and local workers to deliver the project.

Furthermore, renewable energy will be one of the many industries to benefit from the increased capacity, speed and modern capabilities that this network will provide.

Bringing communities closer together

HyperOne will break down the digital divide between our cities and our remote, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations and isolated communities. Lack of access to high-speed, reliable digital infrastructure is a major barrier to the development of industry and jobs in regional and remote areas. By providing valuable off ramps to deliver critical digital infrastructure and connectivity we will open up opportunities in these underserved communities.

Providing protected capacity

HyperOne will more than double the locations international cables can land in Australia, creating an unprecedented opportunity for Australia to cement its position as a secure, stable and capable interconnection point in the greater Asian region.

The entire HyperOne network is secured end to end and provides the highest level of independent security for Australians’ data.

Rural Communities

Expression of interest

We’re calling out to all Australians to help build Australia’s new digital highway - HyperOne.

We're looking for Australian businesses to provide professional services.

Project managers, network designers, geo-spatial information system professionals, route permitting support, optical transmission engineers, procurement coordination and much more.

We have great opportunities for Australian manufacturers who can supply critical elements.

Fibre optic cables, splice enclosures, pits, secure telecom racking equipment, electrical systems, uninterruptible power supplies, access control and network monitoring platforms and much more.


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